• iOne Scorpius-35


    Heavy Duty Mechanical Key switch keyboard with a built in Jumbo Trackball. Perfect for industrial usage such as controlling machinery or Personal use. This keyboard offers a trio of rugged, tactile response keys. you press, you feel the spring, you hear the click - this is the way and everything else should be made! Along with a trackball.

    iOne Scorpius-35
  • iOne Scorpius-U9BL


    LED backlit mechanical key switch keyboard with 2 port high-speed USB 2.0 hub, headphone & microphone jacks and a detachable wrist pad. XArmor U9BL mechanical keyboard is designed for typing enthusiasts as well as extreme gamers. Constructed with Cherry MX blue mechanical key switches, tactile response keys - you know what we mean, you press, you feel the spring, you hear the click!

    iOne Scorpius-U9BL
  • iOne Scorpius R3T


    Wireless MCE Keyboard with Optical Trackball is another best slim wireless keyboard with full mouse functionality. A Step up to enhanced your home entertainment PC with operation range up to 33ft. Superb for presentation room, Home media center or entertainment room.

    iOne Scorpius R3T
  • iOne Libra-S10H


    2.4 GHz wireless presenter mouse with built in laser pointer is the only all in one kit you need to bring with you. Take advantage of its up to 33 foot range to control your presentation while moving around the room with confidence. No software required - Just plug it and it works. Full mouse functionality, scroll up, scroll down, next slides, previous slides, launch slide show. Put the most-needed presentation tools in the palm of your hand. There's even an integrated laser pointer to help you emphasize your key messages.

    iOne Libra-S10H